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Who am I?

I'm a FullStack Web Developer focused on building products and apps with:

In my free time I have been exploring also XR development with VR, AR products with Unity in the past and photogrammetry (also known as converting photos to 3D objects!).

Where in the World?

I'm based in Padua(Padova), Italy 🇮🇹 in Europe.


♻️ 2020

✅ 2019

✅ 2018

You can see the past companies or experiences I had on LinkedIn 👨‍💻.

Contacts and Social?

Get in touch for work inquiries, to organize an event or just to say Hi 👋.

Write to info@riccardogiorato.com 📧.

Feel free to talk with me on Twitter 🐦 where I usually check in a few days a week.


Look at what I'm currently doing right "Now"!