I design and develop XR experiences in the Virtual Reality Metaverse.

I do EVERYDAYS each day with Unity3D and Blender.


Pocket Botanist

This was a Tensorflow project with Vue.JS to recognise flowers type by taking a picture in realtime.

LiveStory AR

Augmented Reality experiences to recognise magazine, covers, Instagram posts showing realistic 3D models made with photogrammetry.


portrait photo of Riccardo with her girlfriend

Riccardo Emanuele Giorato is a developer and designer of Web, VR and AR products.

I’m based in Padova, Italy. In the past I have studied CS (Computer Science) at @UniPD.

Currently working on Research & Development at Diana / Red.

I love my girlfriend, VR, Javascript, Open Source and all type of food such as ramen, pizza or sushi.


You can see the past companies or experiences I had on LinkedIn.

Get in touch for work inquiries, to organize an event or just to say hi.
Write to riccardo emanuele giorato @ gmail.com.

Feel free to talk with me on Twitter.

How old am I? 22.0
Do you want to explore the Maker side?