I design and develop XR experiences in the Virtual Reality Metaverse.

I do EVERYDAYS each day with Unity3D and Blender.


A bright blue sky

Pocket Botanist

This was a Tensorflow project with Vue.JS to recognise flowers type by taking a picture in realtime.

A bright blue sky

LiveStory AR

Augmented Reality experiences to recognise magazine, covers, Instagram posts showing realistic 3D models made with photogrammetry.


Riccardo Emanuele Giorato is a developer and designer of Web, VR and AR products.

I’m based in Padova, Italy. In the past I have studied CS (Computer Science) at @UniPD.

Currently attending Academy of Immersive Technologies at Uqido.

I love my girlfriend, VR, Javascript, Open Source and all type of food such as ramen, pizza or sushi.


You can see the past companies or experiences I had on LinkedIn.

Get in touch for work inquiries, to organize an event or just to say hi.
Write to riccardo emanuele giorato @ gmail.com.

Feel free to talk with me on Twitter.

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