mentomento - 2020

I have been mentoring more than 10 aspiring engineers/developers looking to enter the industry as junior developers.
This mentoring was 100% remote with people from all around the world, mostly USA and UK.

Digital Garden - current

digital garden
I write articles and tutorials about JAMStack, React, GraphQL and Serverless and more every week.

newtab - 2020

newtabp preview
A minimal newtab: without ads or "Paid" features or tracking. Built with Preact, Create-React-App and Tailwind to be show on my browsers new tab.

talekeep - 2020

talekeep logo
I build environments and real world objects and locations with photogrammetry into virtual worlds. They can be explored with WebXR or VR or AR devices like your iPhone.

Livestory AR - 2018

Livestory AR running on a phone pointed at an image on a wall
I built an AR app showcasing 3D models and informations over magazine covers or articles images.