I will try to share with you my personal experience with VR Headsets so you will remember what were your first experiences with VR and what brought you to the present day to the latest VR devices, and finally to the biggest problem of the Quest.

The life before Mobile 6DOF

My first VR headset was a Google Cardboard in 2015, it was great even if I could see every pixel and my phone always overheated.

Then last year I was able get an Oculus Go, all the experiences I had were still, just with head tracking but they were all great!

I felt part of those virtual worlds and also others with who I shared my Go were amazed by the immersion it gave you, still even if they had to stay mostly still.

But my desire to jump and move around was getting bigger.

The rise of mobile 6DOF

On the market there were 6DOF headsets only on PS4 with PSVR and on PC with the main vendors as Vive and Oculus, all stuck to very powerful computer requiring a constant power supply.

The first major player who brought a complete 6DOF on the go was Google with Daydream with a device from Lenovo, the experimental Mirage Solo. It wasn’t a real mass market product and the lack of experiences on the Daydream ecosystem made it even more less appealing for developers.

(Editor’s note: We are almost at the end of 2019 and we didn’t get any new announcement on new Daydream headsets or devices this year, the supported models are all from 2018, Daydream is almost dead)

I was still left wandering for a real 6DOF headset with dozen or hundreds of app to use, not just a few demo apps.

The Cosmos

After a few months during the start of 2019, I saw the announcements from Vive of their new device, the Cosmos, a complete 6DOF device portable like your smartphone!

vive cosmos poster launch

It came with a bold statement, "Go Beyond!".

You might be able to explore the entire universe and galaxies with it?!

Yes you might able to do it for 699, without a wireless adapter to connect it to your PC! It will act as a standalone device without having to use a PC but if you are lucky and you have a wireless adapter you might able to stream some of your favorite VR games directly to it.

The great and heavy wireless adapter! The great and heavy wireless adapter!

It’s an "incredible" wireless adapter, easy to install and always work perfectly! Just kidding I tried to install it in the past on various PC and it had always some problems in the configuration as much as all others Vive devices.

But why am I bothering on this? Shouldn’t I be happy for VR progress? Yes and no here’s why.

Oculus doesn’t lose time!

the complete oculus lineup

If you are going to buy an Oculus Quest you won’t need a PC, no wires or cords and you will be able to use it everywhere even in a jungle or in the desert, almost like a Nintendo Switch, you buy it to have fun everywhere.

Users are buying a lot of apps!

What’s another positive characteristic of it? A great amount of people are buying apps on it so many developers are getting a lot of sales, all helping the VR world to expand. More sales equals more developers wanting to create even newer ideas in this niche market.

The really good of the Quest

What’s the other pros of the Quest? Its users love him so much that they built many extreme useful applications like SideQuest to be able to install custom games or stream your PC VR games without having to buy a "Wireless Adapter" without any cables, almost like an Oculus Rift S on the go.

The bad of the Quest

Finally jumping to the conclusion with the Quest most enormous problem:

The Quest is alone in its market!

oculus quest pro an cons

There aren’t other 6DOF Headsets that can provide the same experience or quality available to the masses, the Cosmos will release in a few months but it will cost almost twice the Quest and won’t get its user base numbers.

My hope is that other players like Microsoft that created an amazing open platform with the open standard of the Mixed Reality platform bringing in brands like Samsung, Asus and other to the VR Headsets for PC, will spend their energies and money to start exploring the mobile VR Headsets.

My dream for 2020

I would love to buy a Samsung Odyssey Quest in 2020 with a great screen like the ones inside the Samsung Odyssey lineup but being able to run on an open platform almost like Daydream but created from Microsoft.

I hope the competition will grow exponentially in this mobile area cause if we remain in a market with only a single amazing 6DOF mobile device from Oculus, with a new model every 2/3 year we will get much slower innovation peace than other markets.

Microsoft is you are reading this, please invest in an Open Source mobile VR platform. Making a fork of Android trying to build a better ecosystem like the Daydream but with your energy might work!?

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Do you agree with my dream for an Open VR mobile platform? Or do you want your Quest to be all alone in the market? Let me know here or on Twitter.