You probably already have seen or read many articles like "I switched from Windows to Linux" but today we’ll do the opposite.

In the past I got similar effects but then due to the fact that I had to work with very GPU intensive software made me starting to study different solutions to bring some Linux flavour to my everyday experience on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.

1. Windows doesn’t have apt-get I won’t use it! It’s not cool!

Chocolatey is a great community project to provide hundreds of thousands of pre-built packages for most windows applications you might want to use, it’s almost like apt from the Debian distributions.

I always Install this on my new Windows installations following these simple steps. After the installation is complete I type those commands in a PowerShell terminal:

# Automatically install the packages without having to type [Y]es for each one
choco feature enable -n allowGlobalConfirmation

# Utility Softwares
choco install ccleaner vlc ccleaner telegram slack 7zip -y

# Development and Programming stuff
choco install vscode git git-lfs sourcetree nodejs yarn -y

You can find even more packages just by searching them here:

Then like with "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" you just need to type:

choco upgrade all

2. Windows is full of applications You don’t want!

You are totally right, new windows installations are always full of pre-installed apps or games but you can remove all of them by typing this command inside PowerShell:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage


By removing all metro pre-installed apps with the following command you will remove also the Microsoft store and you will have to add it back to your system with the following commands or with the suggested app.

Alternative App with a UI to reinstall specific apps.

Powershell Commands to reinstall the Store:

  1. download this PowerShell script from microsoft
  2. open a PowerShell terminal where you have extracted the previous zip file
  3. type the following commands:
# WARNING: by removing all metro pre-installed apps you will remove also the Microsoft store
# and to restore it you have to type the following commands:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

.\reinstall-preinstalledapps.ps1 *Microsoft.WindowsStore*

Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted

3. Microsoft is Spying you!!!

There are many ways that Microsoft uses to track what you are doing to improve your experience with Cortana or other apps but if you prefer to disable all of them go to this repo and download the zip file with various fixes, you can read here all the changes that will make. ← WARNING: before running every file read the README.

Here you can download the zip file with all reg scripts.

I prefer to execute only those two files:

4. STOP SPAM and ADS with Hosts

Adding malicious website and other unwanted website to your hosts file will prevent your system from accessing those locations on the web, will work on MacOS or Linux too.

You can choose your preferred combination from here:

And then move the download hosts file to:

Alternative App with a UI to automatically replace your hosts file: Hostman.

5. Application bar Centered like in MacOS!

I don’t like the icons on the app bar on the left.

Other people felt this "problem" and Chris made this free App to fix it:. FalconX is the right app and it’s free!

falcon X windows app

Pure vanity: MacOS Catalina Wallpaper

Download it from here:

MacOS Catalina Wallpaper on Windows


Windows is a great operative system, many application will work only with it and many GPU or drivers won’t work on Linux so trying to bring some of the good things of Linux will help you enjoy much more your experience with it.

In my personal opinion Chocolatey is the best discovery I had being able to update or install new software automatically with a simple command like apt-get from Linux or Debian based systems. Also removing invasive telemetry or unwanted search results from Cortana will help you get less noise in your daily work with Windows!

I hope I helped you with those simple tips, let me know if you have more tips or need help and I’ll be sure to add them to end of the article so everyone can enjoy your personal discoveries.

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