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How can you follow your customer on his journey?

October 08, 2019

Why you need to understand your customers even if you are a Developer?

Cause too many times companies don’t have data to understand their customers and you being a “Developer” or “Programmer” you might not have to deal with these problems directly but at the end if there are unhappy customers or problems in your app you will suffer from it too, you might even lose your job.

With a new generation of Analytics tools like the one I’m going to describe here you will get more data, more insights and being a developer you will also be able to integrate it with other tools or services like Jira or Trello to integrate it deeply with your programming skills to find issues or speed up various components or specific pages.

Traditional web analytics don’t cut it anymore.

Dashboards might give you more questions than answers, underperforming landing pages, or broken checkout flows are common problem that traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel won’t help you understand or discover in your product.

FullStory is the product it will help you discover the truth about your customer’s digital experience!

What is FullStory?

With FullStory, you can analyse any digital interaction you want, no event instrumentation required. One small snippet of code will capture everything on your site — every page, every click, every mouse movement, and every dynamic state change.

It will be like watching a recorded video of your user, you will see exactly what you users sees!

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You will be able to see your users sessions and their progress across multiple days or session on how they use your product and their specific device, browser or region.

Follow your users in real time!

You will be able to follow your users journey in real time, looking on how they interact with your app and how they use all the features you give them.

You can skip to specific parts of the user session or add some “Notes” for you coworkers to understand or fix some problems on the UX or UI.
It will be like being on Twitch but you are looking at your user streaming his session directly to you!

No more frustrated users

Using FullStory you will discover frustration signals from your users, moments captured in sessions recorded on your website that, though painful to watch during replay, teach you something insightful about the user experience with your product.

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Rage Clicks, Dead Clicks, Error Clicks, and Thrashed Cursor are the primary frustration signals captured in the recorded sessions.

Keep your user privacy safe

You will also able to use several tools to exclude sensitive customer information at scale throughout your site or app in perpetuity as it grows and changes. When data is excluded, it is never recorded and never leaves the user’s browser, you won’t see it inside FullStory.

Add the “fs-block” class name to any element you want to exclude from being recorded, this could be any password or private user data.

  • <input class=”ccnum fs-block”>

In FullStory playback, this element will appear like this:

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How Hard is to install it?

It’s easy like adding Google Analytics script to your page, you can look at this in my test website here:

Or if you want to see the same code in the Github repository you can go here:

Get started for free!

Jump on FullStory, you can try it for free with a basic free tier for up to 1.000 Sessions per month, they are more than enough to study some behaviours of your users.

I don’t think you will want to look at each user session probably is the best thing if you just look at 5 users with the most differences like Rage Clicks or amount of sessions.

I’m not affiliated to FullStory, I just love their product and I think it could help many startups or companies even with their free tier to discover some pattern from your users or to follow and understand your users journey.

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