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Oculus Link

September 27, 2019

Oculus Link

Oculus Link will unlock a new way for people who own a Quest headset to access Rift content and experiences from their gaming PC.

In simple world you will use your Quest as a normal VR headset with your PC.

Starting this November, anyone who owns Quest and a gaming PC will have access to popular Rift games with Oculus Link software, which can be used with most high-quality USB 3 cables. It will transfer the video from the PC and at the same time it will keep your Quest battery Charged.

Later this year, Oculus will also release a premium optical fiber cable to provide a best-in-class experience with maximum throughput and comfortable ergonomics.

For developers, this means it’s now possible to build high-end PC games and experiences while taking advantage of the biggest possible market and connecting with new audiences as the Quest community grows.

The official Oculus Link cable will cost around 80$ and will be 5 meters long made with optical fiber to be able to send data on this long cable almost without latency.

Quest Link Preview

The guys from Tested were able to preview Quest Link at the beginning of this video. They found almost no latency, much better in their experience than the Virtual Desktop wireless streaming.

Oculus Link is truly the best of both worlds…

The high-end gaming of Rift when linked to a PC!

The ease and the portability of Quest on-the-go.

Will you buy the premium Link cable or will you consider now buying a Quest? Let me know in the comments.

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