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The future of acting is in VR

September 09, 2018

Do you think is always good nowdays for actors to act like this?

Josh Brolin acting as Thanos surrounded by green screen

It looks like being in a theatre where the actors have to imagine everything that it’s going to be there replacing green screens and props.

How should it be?

Unreal Engine

What about the cameraman? Can he enter VR too?

Unity 3d, watch it from the moment 1 hour and 7 minutes

VR to help actors

I really think that being able to act while being immersed in the character using VR to look at the surroundings might really help in some cases actors to act or even just to get a glimpse of their surroundings before a cut.

Let’s hope that in the future more creators will use the tools developed by Unreal or Unity to let actors play or direct films in VR.

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