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The Kiss

August 24, 2018

This is a personal, emotional blog post, if you want a normal techy article came back in two weeks! If not continue reading.

Does the picture on the top(“the article thumbnail image”) look good?

It doesn’t, it’s broken. Split in two pieces far from each one.

How should it be?

The Kiss (Klimt) rapresents a couple embracing one another, their bodies entwined in elaborate robes. “cit. Wikipedia”

Why this painting?

I have been thinking a lot today about really important things, because my incredible cute lovely girlfriend turns 22 today! 💙💙💙💙

What did I understand or think?

I understood that as humans we can resist without many things, you could live in a new country, new enviroments, without having all the technology or usual routine/possesions or activities (“You might be part of a tribal group in the Amazon forest”) but I couldn’t be there without her.

My girlfriend is part of me, even if we are still not married or “engaged”, I don’t feel like I want to live or be apart from her.

The conclusion!

I could live without everything or change completely but I don’t want to be without her. She makes me happy indescribable way with her presence, her smiles, her anger, her tips or words.

She’s perfect for me and I really hope that everyone can find someone like her that makes you feel the same way she does with me.

I love you babe, princess, I’ll always love you, again happy birthday baby. 😘💙😘


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