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Photogrammetry, I'm a newbie with it

August 17, 2018

What is Photogrammetry?

Wikipedia explanation: Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points.

Explain like I’m five or have no time: 2d images/photos -> magic -> 3d model with texture of the subject

After starting to read and document the process to generate 3d models from photos for my current stage at Dianacorp, I discovered one of the best photogrammetry tools available to anyone, even developed by an Italian software house near my city.

Discover 3DF Zephyr!

3DF Zephyr, in my case 3DF Zephyr Free (up to 50 images per project, it’s a lot you can achieve great models even with those limits) has been the greatest photogrammetry software I tried.

Almost every other software to do the samw job is pretty expensive and won’t let you export 3d models with the free or trial version.

With even the 3DF free version you can export the 3d models or directly upload them to Sketchfab.

White rock by riccardogiorato on Sketchfab

If you want to see more models create with up to 50 images max check out this collection of models, created by user for a small competion created by 3DF Zephyr team.

Green Leaf - 44 images by riccardogiorato on Sketchfab

Is there a conclusion or?

I’m currently really unskilled with Photogrammetry, my greatest results were a rock on the top and the leaf.

Even if I’m Level 0 now I want to improve, like every other skill or technique I’m discovering with my daily Challenge with Unity, Blender.

I love discovering new activites or process, curiosity is the fuel for your brain!

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