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Layout Redesign Your Website Month

July 27, 2018

My new portfolio is Live!

I completed today the “Layout Redesign Your Website Month™”.

During this month, July 2018, I designed and built a new version of my portfolio.

I started with sketches to be able to iterate faster.

After that I switched to Figma to be able to modify parts/sections while it enabled me to get great feedback from Victor Kernes and Kevin Clark.

Thank you to everyone in the community! I hope to attend more virtual “events” like this to learn new things and improve myself!

As I already said you should checkout my homepage! 😃 Let me know if you like it! 😁

There’s also a secret page that showcase my -> maker side!

P.S. This post has been written on the 30 not on the 27 due to the fact that I had to complete the Html and CSS on that day.

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