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When should you kill a side project?

June 01, 2018

Do you have many side projects?

I had many active side projects, not yet completed in the last few months. I started getting bored with some of them, with others I got on doing repetitive things or things that weren’t funny.

Stop the boring ones.

I removed a few github repo deleting all the things in those project but you could at least remove them from your pc to think about new or more interesting one. You’ll free up your brain of some space to think more about you find interesting and inspiring to pursue it.

Funny and Joy 🤹‍♂️.

You should be happy while working on your personal side project, they shouldn’t feel as painful or nasty as work stuff, you have to do. Remember to enjoy your time!

I challenge you to:

  • start a new funny project;
  • stop at least 2/3 side project you have been trying to avoid.

Just let them go and thank them for the past experiences they might have helped you acquire.

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