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UX and Newbies

May 18, 2018

Experts always forget Newbies

Being able to open a door, use a telephone, changing the temperature or building something should be easy for everyone. Experts in a field get used to actions, steps, worflows too much complex.

They tend to forget what it was like for them at the beginning. When you start working in their same field you’ll find 100 “steps” just to build the easiest thing possible. This shouldn’t be the rule but the exception. “10 steps max”.

My great experience as a newbie with

While working on my new university project about cognitive services, I discovered developed by Microsoft, it let’s you create a custom tensorflow model to recognise specific things. I was able to train and test the resulting model in less than 10 minutes.

Getting energy by being able to put your head out of the mud

Being able to create something working so fast, I got motivated to test out more things on that service, while also building custom python scripts to deploy the model on a serverless service.

I continued exploring, sketching more ideas to use related API and got interested on using more Azure services. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking on new solutions etc etc!!!!

You: “I still don’t understand your idea!”

Me: UX is focused on being able to give great and enjoyable experiences, it should let users feel like superheros making them create or go beyond their limits.

This should be applied to each field, in this case visual machine learning, but should be applied with new products or ideas for each section, niche.

Focusing on Newbies is the most important thing YOU can do

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