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100 VR Android Cardboard Games REVIEWS

April 06, 2018

When did I start playing those games/apps?

Last year I started working on small project with Unity plus Google cardboard Sdk integration making simple test here.

I have also written a simple tutorial to help get point and click teleportation in Android.

The problem?

I had no/small experience of VR. I went out and bought a chinese version of Google Cardboard made of plastic, anways it had really poor lenses.

Anyway, I decided to test as many VR apps for Android writing down all the possible things I would improve as a developer, while building them.

Here’s my thoughts.

Duckpocalypse VR

  • don’t require only cardboard slide also joystick
  • low poly graphics and reto works good with current low definition screens

Minos Starfighter:

  • zoom ui when user look at not so clear text if not close
  • trigger and actions always just by looking first then decide with other input use _ say when a part is not in vr in vr _ look to shoot calibration more radius * enemy can’t exit reachable area

VR Poly Woodlands:

  • remember user to fake walk when using controller
  • never start game with not sbs to prevent removing phone from case viewer
  • remove collisions with floor or walls with distance with fences

Hardcore VR:

  • don’t keep the user in 3rd view on the bottom screen keep it at the center

general music or video 3d:

  • don’t force 360, 180 is already a lot to decide
  • always tell and show commands with small video to user like portal2 pre level explanation animations

Google Spotlight Stories:

  • if you can select multiple experiences don’t force user to exit vr to go back after

VU cinema:

  • Folders work great with shorter lists
  • Interaction with environment like exit doors
  • Add shift prevent and reset to center vision automatically
  • Look to interact works great
  • Controls close to bottom

Androids Dream:

  • don’t ask to push button BUT use look selection
  • works really good dark backgrounds and music background with pov of a person
  • add recenter screen with 5 seconds recalibration but before show static image saying how you’ll have to be, laid down or on feet
  • credits after experience with twitter


  • tell the user to connect controller or to use “magnet”
  • look and teleport by pressing works great with big spaces
  • compliment with user after the final level or phase
  • lowpoly light works with ambient sounds
  • teleport close not too far away

Emulated Pylons:

  • Don’t let user rotate view with controller if he can use head

Hack the planet:

  • single look and then all automatic is relaxing with smoothing movement
  • transition shouldn’t be colors or black
  • side looking is sometimes smooth than front looking

Radial G infinity:

  • look down to pause to exit,reset view,resume
  • don’t use strange side 3rd view only 3rd view centered

Alien apartment:

  • turn head to one side is difficult with heavy visor
  • look down menu to recenter is perfect
  • walking with controller not turning

Perfect Angle:

  • gyroscope to find perfect angle works great but sometimes is unreliable


  • don’t ask for specific input type if it’s just for a single time and it’s not available to 100% players
  • look where you need to go


  • touch input in VR never works

Deep space VR:

  • check upside down part of UI always good with upside down phone

Lamper First Flight :

  • 3rd person view tunnel movement head doesn’t work weel create nausea

Space Doom VR:

  • big info text like on big screen display football game
  • ui info can be fullscreen like health screen turning red when it decrease
  • controller only move player not view
  • changing screen after load so it’s like instantly

Under Fire VR:

  • tutorial for ui with real buttons in game with text suggestion
  • button interact by looking immidiatly
  • look around and showcase stuff other than controls

VR Minecart:

  • look to horizon to start
  • POV with tunnel works great head only move ot change position of actual transport that cause nausea
  • look down to crouch

Vikings VR Cardboard:

  • great pixel players like minecraft
  • upside down has to work correctly
  • start game in same environment menu

Voxel Fly VR:

  • start game from where user looks

Astronomy VR:

  • let use move with joystick
  • don’t land too many objects against user face direction
  • far view not centered

Cosmic roller coaster:

  • objects size need to be really huge as planets
  • use linear speed

VR Roller Coaster: GALAXY 360:

  • don’t go up and down from a path or side
  • head doesn’t turn to side camera only user

Gravity Pull VR:

  • loading screen already in VR perfect
  • click and slide works great
  • menu to the feet
  • tutorial by looking around no men, jump in action
  • joystick only moves towards and backwords no side, head has to turn
  • timer looks like slider going back
  • credits only at the end

VR Invite by Homido:

  • track works great with music animation and low poly
  • transition has to be super fast to be calm

Power defense VR:

  • poup menu when click with clickable object

VR industrial town:

  • walk where you look works good but player should be able to stop walking with tilt head or click

VR Bobsley:

  • timer when entering VR works great so people can insert phone in VR headset

Apena vr:

  • pre tutorial works great headphones microphone as input

Orcs tower

  • hologram to tell story or similiar audio movement works great

VR Cave of Fortune:

  • UI interactive display near 3d model that are linked to that action

Space Vacation:

  • make user explore new universe or experiences out of comfort or from future like Moon exploration work great!
  • tap to walk normal there linear

Free VR Relax Meditation:

  • constant moment doesn’t work good
  • 2d ui for vr app shouldnt be shown


  • go back button should be in the middle not down to make you move the neck
  • middle distance UI works great
  • size of objects gives good references


  • tell controls type
  • give some reference of sizes if planet, spawn the user inside a spaceship/car

I really hope that you enjoyed this list of games to try inside Virtual Reality with your Android device.

This is an on-going list, more title/games/apps will be added in the future, April 2018

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