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The future of food are insects?

March 23, 2018


Don’t continue reading this article if you might get sick or get nausy by looking at insects or grillons.

Are “you” crazy to eat insects?

This photo sum up many arguments that explains why a future with food made of insects might became important. We need much less resources to farm them and they provide the same nutrients.

Eating them felt strange with a really strong flavour of curry or tomato due to the fact that those things are cooked and full of spices to help you eat them without feeling them strange as you might feel them like shrimps.

PAST made with Insects?

I also tried thier pasta made with insects flour but it didn’t taste as good as the plain insects from the snacks. It felt different from other kind of pasta but neither in a good or bad way. I enjoyed eating it with some tomatoes but other people might not enjoy it as well as I did.

What’s going to look like our future?

Are we going to eat only insects? 🐜🐞 I don’t think so. We are probably going to start eating more different food such as those that I tried for this article.


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