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View your life data all in one place, almost

January 12, 2018 Helix is now free for everyone.

Not really you just need to combine a private git repository on Github or Bitbucket or any other git hosting, even Heroku git.

Then you’ll need a free tier account on heroku where you’ll enable your personal view.

1.Clone Giorat/Helix

Now place the zip of the folder on your workspace.

2. Login in

Login on your personal account and get your cookies with Developer Tools (on windows press F12 ), go to Network page and refresh the page ( F5 ).

Go to Request Headers section of the first thing in this case dasboard/ and copy all the content of Cookie header.

3. Paste the cookies and fix the Username

Now paste this string in the cloned repo inside web/config.php adding your personal username there and also in the middle of web/index.php replacing giorat96 in the ‘ var username=”giorat96” ‘ section.

4. Push everything

Push and publish every change to your personal repository and connect it to Heroku app if you haven’t done it already.

Following this guide you’ll get something like this!

1 Oj8nSmECIzt  pGZE7DkmQ

HTTPS it’s not working on Heroku because of security erros with this approach. I’ll update this guide and the repo when I’ll find a solution.

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