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New Year, 2017 to 2018, less screen more life!

January 01, 2018

🎆Today is New year’s eve of the 1st January 2018.🎉

Legenda: 💏Relationship, 📚 University exams, 🏃🏼‍ Fitness/Sport/ Health, 👨‍💻 Personal Development, 💻 Work & Job, 🛫 Travel & Experience, 💲 Passive income or Active income

💏We are in love 😍

24th month engaged with my girlfriend, being always more happy together! Even if I make some errors sometimes she still love me 😍.

📚Just study, nice words hard to make it

Last year I managed to complete all the exams but without being able to get really good grades, I prefer being able to end them earlier then getting higher grade.

🏃🏼‍Getting more fat and lazy

This year I stopped gym training in June and after that I continued swimming and then since the first of October started doing daily commute to university by bicycle.

👨‍💻Track everything! And let’s design and write some interviews

Published my book featuring all the past interviews that I’ve done to people from around the world.

Done 50 Daily design with Figma(like Sketch but cross platform).

Done something like 15 days of daily Blogging here in my blog in January.

I have seen 67 films logged in Letterboxd.

I have read 9,953 pages across 44 books logged in Goodreads.

Made 176 contributions on Github.

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Finally read 1,655,391 words of Pocket articles.

💻Just work and gain a little bit of experience

I worked during September at Gruppo Emme on Hintegro project.

I also continued doing small freelance project on wordpress.

🛫Travelling in italy

I went on holiday with my girlfriend for more than a week to Florence and Rome, what an incredible journey along the history and culture of Italy.

We also went to Cison di Valmarino, Milano, Udine, Vicenza, Rovigo and Sarnico.

💲No progress

Still nothing, I didn’t create any product to sell to people or business.

2018 GOALS:

The goals that I planned last year didn’t work so good, I managed to do only some part of them probably because I was focused on too many things and I couldn’t full-fill. This year I’ll focus on different goals during the whole year working or 2/3 max. goals for each period.

💏Every second and learn new words

Be more responsible of my action and stay more with my girlfriend less time on socials or YouTube, plus I’ll use that free time to study Albanian.


  • NO SOCIAL too ON PC only from 21.00 to 21.30 with StayFocusd and Crontabs;
  • Daily study of Albanian on phone PDF and flashcards and paper notebook on my desk from 21.30 up to 21.55.

📚January up to December

I’m going to finish all the remaining exams this year graduating before the end of 2018 focusing a lot more on things that I really enjoy studying such as Computer Vision and functional programming with React and Mathematica.


  • Master every part of Computer Vision exam and build a great project while studying Machine Learning also on my own, describing it on Evernote;
  • Less leisure during active study hours and Daily GOALS with paper todo list like TODO strategy;
  • Phone will be in ultra power saving mode so I won’t be able to use leisure app during the day except for somethings such as podcast triggered by an Alarm at 8.30.

🏃Let’s drop some sweat

Would love to be active every day but I’m really lazy with sports.


  • Ride my bicycle almost every working day from March up to June as Daily commute and workout.

👨‍💻More coding and also thinking

More GitHub activities with open repositories for my future projects.


  • Release my web technologies project before the end of February;
  • Release my personal custom TODO app built with React+Redux while React Holiday;
  • Daily meditation after 21.55 up to circa 22.00/22.10 logging it on;
  • Contact my old teachers after the Christmas holidays to became a student mentor;
  • Release an updated version of my high school project exam Democracy with Firebase database integration, no more MySQL;
  • Design the last 50 UI shots in Figma after all those things and study and read the 30 UX daily challenge.

💻Work after Uni

Work after the end of University in a real job with curiosity and self-criticism on my actions, thinking and code.

🛫Experience one new thing every month and make some photo of it!

Travel as much as possible on the weekends with my girlfriend.


  • One monthly shooting at a new location with my girlfriend as an incredible model and also explorer of new places.


Don’t focus too much on money or passive income, I’ll have to get something that I want to create and then I’ll be able to focus on passive income by building that desired product because money can’t be a motivation.

More graphs and images from, I even made a small project on it.

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Last year my average daily steps was of 10,833 so it decreased of 2685 steps every day.

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