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Ebook published and migrated blog plus ending 2017 challenges

December 22, 2017

Digital nomads in a Virtual World

Digital Nomads in a Virtual World book The complete collection of all the interviews that I have done in the last 2 years.

New blog without Medium

Current system vs the old one on Medium

Being able to write my personal experiences or experiments, thoughts or review while being in a shared environment was great, I just had to think about the content.

In november I started working on new ways to host my portfolio. In that moment I decided to move on with my blog too breaking my need for Medium platform.

I’ll be able to write for free as long as I want, paying only for the domain.

My solution is really simple a jekyll blog with a custom theme inspired by the Medium UI hosted on Github and published with Netlify CDN and stati pages hosting(similar to github pages).

2017 challenges

I have read 41 of 52 books planned up to now since the beginning of 2017, I still have 9 days to read 11 books… might be too much for my brain but I’ll work as hard as possible to make it! 😃 😉

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