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Simple teleport script Unity — Google Cardboard

November 10, 2017

This a simple Unity tutorial to test out simple teleport system for google cardboard v2 for specific objects/floor.

The scene is based on the Dark Tower from “the Dark Tower” books/movie.

Tutorial STEP by STEP:

  1. Make sure your scene has a Player character with inside the Camera and choose a Teleport-able container that the user can click to teleport to.
  2. Add Teleport Script to your Player with the children Camera as Camera parameter
  3. Add V Reyecaster Script to your Camera
  4. Add an Event Trigger to your Teleport-able container such as terrain or floor and add a Pointer Click event with an object referring to your Player from step 1 with the TeleportRandomly function selected.

Final Scene should look like this:

If you have any problem tweet me at @RiccardoGiorato.

Thanks to Chuck Leone for the tower model!

Thanks Stackedit for the incredible visual markdown editor!

You can find the entire project here.

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