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More gym and fitness? Why do you need to be active every day? It’s boring…

January 27, 2017

Yes it might be boring but you need it.


I signed up for gym for 6 month and it’s has been going great for 3 out of six but this month I never went to the gym(just three times but it’s not enough) .. Why? Because I was too busy with exams and I made up excuses trying to procrastinate as much as possible going to the gym.


Because it’s hurting my health and my feelings, I feel more tired by doing nothing and I think that the human body it’s like an on going construction and if you stop working on it you’ll regret it in the future because you won’t have your time back when you’ll became sick or ill.

You have to be like a real soldier working every day NO EXCUSES.

ACTION: To help me out I downloaded FitStar and app to track and learn workouts while integrating it with my fitbit.

I’ll work on this from the 30th January.

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