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I’m not better than you so he’s not better than me?

January 26, 2017

everyone one is like you, he has just one birthday party every year just like you.

Being in new enviroments, around new people will always help you discover new part of you behaviour and of yourself.

Speaking for myself I discovered that being in a small pod where you might feel like the most clever or one of the best, like the best in the class, the best in the football team might be really bad for you.

You’ll be stucked in that small world and you won’t be able to discover that you’re still a little fish into the ocean.

I’m trying to be more aware of this because I felt too much worried about getting higher grades than other or being more active than them.

In future occasions when I might feel jealous or unhappy I’ll focus on my self on every beautiful part of my life and I’ll try to be positive and transform my jealousy into kindness and admiriation for other people.

I’ll use pause to recover my mindfulness in really bad cases of emergency.

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