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How many books did you read last year?

January 24, 2017

My answer last year was:”meh… does it count an article on the web?”

After my article on new year’s resolution sand goals I remembered that I was lacking of a really important thing on my list of GOALS for 2017… No GOALS on how many books I wanted to read… It was really bad so I made up a challenge for myself inspired by Tomas Laurinavicius and his

52 Book Challenge

On his article, he’s giving some tips on how to tackle this presumptuous challenge such as going on blog reading, news and social media diet.

So I have created a challenge on my own profile trying to make this year a really productive in terms of reading acquiring new skills, thoughts while refining my thinking.

Yesterday I was talking on this:

“You HAVE to think with your brain and reflect on every choice you might take.”

So thinking about this GOAL I’m going to choose to go to bed earlier every day by removing my time on Youtube to watch new videos and switching my computer off every day at 22:00. I enjoy VLOGS but as Derek Sivers said on his last article Quitting something you love:

We know about quitting something that’s bad for you, or something you hate. But what about quitting something you love?
I rebel against anything that feels like an addiction. When I hear myself saying “I need this”, I want to challenge that dependency and prove my independence.
It’s usually something tiny. Sometimes it’s something big.

This is my current progress, I’ll update it at the end of every month see you tomorrow for a new article on Routines.

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