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I love Minimalism

January 23, 2017

“Saying you want something is one thing, but actually doing something about it is very different.”

We prove what we desire most by our actions, not by our words.

I’m always trying to keep my things in order.

Almost every night I delete old files, clean my desk and throw away old papers.

But I want to acquire much more mindfulness in every part of my life, that means being a real minimalist, thinking about my needs and what’s the best solution.

There is dozen of guides that tell you “do this, then this, throw away this and also that,.. blah blah blah”, they are only the beginning and you won’t be able to work on them forever because they are not made for you and by you.

You HAVE to think with your brain and reflect on every choice you might take.

If I’m writing this article even after a test and before a test tomorrow it’s because I made a challenge to myself “Writing and posting a new article on my blog every day until the end of January”.

The last thing, I’ll think this in the next weeks,

What is it you want most? What life change do you desire?
Are you taking the steps necessary to accomplish that goal? Or, are you settling for something else instead?
After all, a goal without a plan is just wishful thinking.

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