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Do I need to learn this Framework or study this Subject?

January 22, 2017

Investing on random courses might be really good and they won’t cost more than a restaurant dinner. But certainly, it isn’t the only way to achieve new skills or to learn new things especially web related.

Start compounding your results by investing in yourself through education, discipline, skills and anything else that can benefit you on your journey through this life. I’m already going to university and I don’t want to have more expenses if I’m not able to focus on learning.

The founders of AppCamp said that they’re going to close it up so I’ll focus on doing every part of this 3 simple courses about those topics:

My GOAL: Finish those 3 courses before 1st March 2017.

ACTION: I’ll do them every day plus I’ll build MY OWN BLOG WEBSITE, withAngular curating its user interface very carefully and at last I’m going to try to add up also a REST API to conquer those skills.

*I’m going to use this guide as side help to build it and I will host it on heroku.

let’s start working RIGHT NOW!

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