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Those are my PROCASTIONATION activities.

January 21, 2017

Sometimes I just want to watch youtube videos like this monkey.

Andrew Zimmern

I’m very transparent about my need to get help. A lot of people think talking about the problems they have is a sign of weakness, but I think it’s a sign of strength. If you’re a successful business leader and you have problems with procrastination, everyone in your office knows it. Everyone!

Every day I spend 3 hours on distractions, Entertainment and Communication.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 30 minutes
  • Checking email during the day 10 minutes
  • Watching DAILY VLOGs and other youtube videos 30 minutes
  • Checking new messages on instant messaging apps 2 hours

PROBLEM: I want to reduce time on

1) Messaging apps

2) Videos

3) Emails and Socials


1) Check Telegram channel just a few times every day, never be anxious on message reply, I’ll always get a reply maybe not now, probably in the next 30 minutes.

2) Hidden bookmark from the browser, 1 VLOG download and seen every day, extra videos only on Sunday.

3) Use social networks only after dinner if I don’t need to finish something, check the email only 3 times a day before breakfast and after dinner.

EXTRA ACTION: Delay as much as possible notifications from those and I’ll use voice calls so I will spend less time typing on my screen.

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