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Am I making excuse to skip Running?

January 20, 2017

Don’t know this guy but he looks really epic with his beard while running!

Probably yes I’m doing it. Today it’s too cold and tomorrow I need to study so…

I went running only run 30(2 are from the beginning of January) times during 2017.

My GOAL: 52 weeks in 1 year, 52 runs ( at least )

I’ll go running every Sunday during 2017, so I need to get 82 runs on my before the 31st of December of 2017.

Over time, it’s all these small incremental positive changes that add up to being able to run every day while having a perfect health.

“Start compounding your results by investing in yourself through education, discipline, skills and anything else that can benefit you on your journey through this life”, I tink health is really important too so I’ll keep at running every Sunday.

I’ll post more updates in the future in this article.

See you tomorrow for a new article.

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