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How much should you sleep?

January 19, 2017

Yes I should sleep around 7 to 9 hours every night… and you should too, but my average is around 7 to 7.30h.

I tried a few times to sleep with relaxing music but I was unable to fall asleep. I’m much more good at falling asleep without any input from the “outside” world.

But I want to try a few new things to improve my sleep:

  • drinking cold water right before bed
  • meditation just before sleep o a few minutes to think about the day, the next one and my current position in my life
  • sleeping only 6 hours with a small nap of 20 minutes when I’m falling sleep just before 22:30am
  • tracking my sleep with Sleep Better Runtastic because fitbit sleep tracking doesn’t have all the features that I want, can’t easily understand my quantity of REM sleep

So move on, good night I’m going to sleep now. 😴

shut down you computer or smartphone, you need to sleep now

See you tomorrow for a new article.

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