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Do you really like Instagram automation with Bots?

January 11, 2017

If you look in your future would you like to know that people are following your profile on Instagram or any other social network only because a Machine is liking all your photos because they know that you might be a possible follower that might follow back or like back their photos or status?

One GOAL for myself in 2017 is to work on my social account while growing my following.

To start off good I posted one photo about last year top photos like everyone else has done in the last days of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017.

I used one single hashtag #2016bestnine and BOOM, I got 50 likes or more… and more than 5 comments… I usually get 20 likes and 2 comments… all this traffic was driven by that hashtag.

Now in less than a week I got 80 likes and 7 comments.

But why did it happen? Because everyone is using robots and services for Instagram with the Automation of LIKES, COMMENTS, FOLLOWING-UNFOLLOWING…

I used Instagress too in the past but I was getting pissed off because there was nothing real so I decided that this year I won’t use any FAKE service to grow my following, I’ll interact only personally spending 10 minutes of my time every day on Instagram, 10 on Facebook and 10 on Twitter.

If you are willing to stop using services like Tweet THIS!

Hope to see you interacting on social networks organically.

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