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New Year: 2016 to 2017, a look at the past to see the Future 🎊

January 01, 2017

see my entire report here:

🎆Today is New year’s eve of the 1st January 2017.🎉

Like everyone else, except for James Altucher, I’m going to do some kind of New Year’s Resolution.

But before doing that I’ll need to focus on the last year.

2016 priorities:

💏 Relationship

Today is my 14th month engaged with my girlfriend. We are both really happy trying to fulfill our lives together working on a university project, traveling to new places, deciding our future(in 2018 we are going to live together, but don’t tell her).

We did a dozen of things last year, one of them was attending a Salsa dancing course 🕺💃 where I tried to be cool faking the fact that I couldn’t get the time in every song but my girlfriend was incredible and we helped each other so at the end it was a success.

We have traveled all around north of Italy and also we went on holiday in Rimini, to relax by the sea 🏖.

📚 University exams

I had to pass 6 exams, I failed 2 of 3 half course test and I was feeling really bad. I thought I would never be able to pass on them also because I was listening to some kind of “friends”.

But I made it through, getting a fair valuation so I was able to prove to myself that I could do anything that I wanted to do.

I understood that I had and I have all the power to conquer any challenge or exam in my life.

🏃🏼‍ Fitness, Sport, Health

I was running every week, trying to get faster every time to attend Marathon of Padova, my hometown.

But I became really unlucky, I got stuck because I was too young(I was 19 and I had to be 20) and I discovered a little bug in my “health” so I couldn’t get the certificate to attend the competition.

Not hard to guess, I didn’t practice anymore, I started running less because I had a lack of motivation and I had no goal anymore.

🏊‍I was still swimming twice a week and running some Sundays with my parents.

After the summer I didn’t go to swimming anymore because I wanted to try Bikram Yoga for one month with my girlfriend.

It was like being in a hoven for 90 minutes every time we didi it… We didn’t practice it many times even if we had unlimited access but if I think about it I remember as a test to improve my own motivation to stay still while trying to do some ridicuoulus pose. 🤸

Shortly after this moment of yoga I signed up for 6 months of GYM near my university where I’ll go for the rest of the university-year everytime with my girlfriend.

I started running again also in December while going once a week to the swimming pole alone, just by myself. I enjoy swimming without any interaction with other people or friends because I feel it like a meditation/rest for my own soul drifting into the water like a fish.

😎 Personal Development

I started a concept for NEW LIFE last year on December2015/January2016 working on my own for a lot then I decided to publish it here on my blog:

If I read and think about the real impact of those articles is that writing down all the things helped me doing one thing.

JUST DOING IT! don’t think about something, ACT

I interviewed 10 people for my Medium Publication about digital nomads and entraprenuers.

💡 For a few weeks I continued writing down ideas for some time and read dozen of articles but I didn’t read a lof of books probably less than 5.

I also created a Telegram Channel about Digital Nomad where I got more than 50 subscribers in less than a month.

Also learned that sending the right post to a facebook group can generate some organic traffic.

💻 Work & Job

I worked for two months at NOOO Agency, I started without knowing Magento and I finished thinking about every part of the generation of a modern e-commerce and the real benefit of too COMPLEX infrastructures.

I improved the need to write down everything that I do while having also a history version for everything you do or modify in a program or application.

If you try to remove a bug and in the process you generate more errors it’s better to go back to the start and find another way.

🛫 Travel & Experience 🛬

I went on holiday with my girlfriend for a week in Rimini, we had a really wonderful experience, creating incredible memories.

Then I attended a volunteering work camp in Spain for almost two weeks and then traveled to Amsterdam to meet up with my parents for a few days.

When I got back from this “month” I was different and I had understood the incredible power of the right people around you.

💲 Passive income or Active income?

My entire income was active, I had no stream of passive income. I would love to be able to reach a constant income every month with some freelancing and I’d love to work on a small fraction of passive income while making some digital content.

my current profile avatar

P.S. I paid an artist to make me a profile avatar for Riccardo Giorato. Is it beautiful?

2017 priorities: the sections are the same of 2016 but I’m going to improve my efforts in everyone of them with my experience.

One small spoiler I want to ACT MORE so after “what would I do..” I’ll say the goal towards my actions needs to go.

💏 Relationship

What would I do different on it? Never argue with screaming, think about future coliving, work on Missions together.

🏆 GOAL: Reach 1k FOLLOWERS on Instagram, Travel abroad together by Airplane ✈️

📚 University exams

What would I do different on it? I would study for every exam with my entire energy because I must understand what I need to improve in the shortest amount of time.

🏆 GOAL: Finish all 3 exams of the first and second period on the first session for each one of them.

🏃🏼‍ Fitness, Sport, Health

What would I do differently on it? I would go running at least once every week because I want to be able for long distance and maybe someday reach a level to take on an endurance event without any problem.

🏆 GOAL: Go running every week, attend Spartan Race competition and run again in less than 6min/km

🤖 Personal Development

What would I do differently on it? I would act much more, reading fewer things but focusing more on ACTIONS and NO PLAN equals failure. Also focus on less “good things” start small on routines and then add things gradually, don’t make an enormous list of morning routine actions.

🏆 GOAL: Take an action for every article I read, PLAN every week small-goal for every “section” of my life at least one goal for 5 out of 7 parts.

💻 Work & Job

What would I do differently on it? I would work all the summer except for the time that I’m on holiday with my girlfriend or family. I would focus much more on developing skills to work as a freelancer.

🏆 GOAL: Find more freelancing clients in Padova and propose to a real buisness to develop a new version of their website.

🛫 Travel & Experience 🛬

What would I do differently on it? The right people for me to share my happiness are my family and most importantly my girlfriend… Being in a real relationship, means that I want to endure for the rest of my life for a simple reason…

In every part of the world where I might be if I had that person with me even if we had anything or we just got lost every thing that we own could show me and make me feel all the happiness in this world just with her cute smile.

So I won’t travel again without my girlfriend because I want to explore and discover the world with her not just by myself.

🏆 GOAL: Do new experiences every week don’t think only about incredible stuff, discover incredible new emotions just by exploring my hometown.

💲 Passive income or Active income?

What would I do differently on it? Focus on a small passive income even 1$ every day.

🏆 GOAL: Reach 1000$/month of passive income💰.

PLUS an EXTRA GOAL: 🏅Resurrect my IMPOSSIBLE LIST!! I need to make it possible.

Finally I want to use EMOJI in every article that I post on my blog and track 365/365 days! 😃

in 2016 I tracked only 335/365… 1 months of missed days… 😣

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