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NEW LIFE — 000 — Introduction and Focus

August 29, 2016

This is the article number: 000 of NEW LIFE publication.

So right now I need to tell you a few things:

  • the FOCUS of this project
  • WHO I’m doing this for
  • what I’ll POST in the FUTURE
  • HOW I’m going to DISRUPT and REINVENT my life and how you’ll be able to do the same for your life
  • the ENDING

The FOCUS of this project

The focus is to improve by disrupt and reinventing in new ways may parts of everyday life by using all kind of possible sources of inspiration such as: books, videos, articles, interview but combining them with a system that will enable you to have new way of living.

WHO I’m doing this for

I’m just doing it for myself now but in the future I’ll add more steps and sections to help other people with generic solution.

I wanted to do it because in less than a month I’ll start my second year of university and I wanted to make a revolution in my life.

Last year I attended Information Science First Junior year and I had some issues, I had no study method, no focus to study, problems with my new girlfriend.

Due to those reasons I started working on myself to solve or remove weight from them.

what I’ll POST in the FUTURE

I’ll publish a new post every Sunday with an increasing counter.

In each one I’ll discuss about what I’ve done in that week, what and how I would have disrupted a specific part of my life and I’ll tell you the next week area.

HOW I’m going to DISRUPT and REINVENT my and how you’ll be able to do the same for your life

I still don’t really know, I hope that I’ll figure it out by experimenting with the first area next week.


There won’t be and end because life is all about being present while improving ourself everyday until our last day on Earth, after that we’ll have more time maybe.

Next week focus is DAILY Routine.


000-this current article, introduction to this project and how, why, what I’ll do with it.

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