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Can I get a new life now? Yes, but how? an EASY Introduction

November 22, 2015

Turtles have a really long life, we can’t right now so let’s do something.

Hi I’m Riccardo a young university student from Italy.

I decided to start this pubblication about me and the current progress for my new life, I still don’t know how to create a new life but I’ll try anyway.

November 2016 steps from

I’ll post monthly Lifestyle Reports about: experiencs, activity, sleep and expirments.

I will host interviews with inspiring people who are travelling the world,famous and not famous entrepreneurs, nomads, crazy travellers on this other pubblication, go and follow it! ;)

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This is going to be my post schedule:

  • Tuesday, a new interview with a unique guest
  • Friday, small article about an experience or expirment
  • Sunday, long and bigger article about an experience or expirment

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