About me...

Hello, I'm Riccardo. 👋
I consider myself as a freelancer programmer 👨‍💻 and UI designer 👨‍🎨.
But I spend most of my days studying Computer Science at University of Padova👨‍🎓.
I'm proficient on building custom components, themes and unique features for Joomla, Wordpress, and Magento.
In my spare time, I write on my blog about personal development. and I try to create new UI and UX solutions for every part of my life.
In fact I might improve your daily routine with coaching or increase the usability of your app, website, real or digital product with some consulting even for free if I like your product.
But my real passion is being able to teach and critical thinking to young children near my hometown.

Dreaming of... Nowadays I also tend to over dream about working with VR cause I think many possible creations in VR could lead to faster learning for students while discovering new worlds or even reaching people from other parts of the world with a real feeling to create more empathy.

My short bio for now, I'm still pretty young. 📓

I was born and raised most of my life in Padova North of Italy 🇮🇹, I have been studying programming as main subject during high school while being part of some projects like TalentLab and abroad work as IT assistant.
In the last year after high school I have been continuing my path in university at Padova, I'm probably going to finish it next year on time.
In the spare time I have been working as freelancer on occasional web projects while teaching programming to children's and adults.👨‍🏫

What do I believe in?

I believe in a peaceful world where anyone can be at peace, for example when I'm driving I always try to be calm without being rude to other drivers, pedestrians or cyclist.
I'll try to be more specific less philosophical, I imagine a future full of solar panels everywhere and with friendly UX and UI in every moment of human life.
Now I think most of the products or daily action could be improved or automated in every house, job, life with small incremental improvements, in fact, I hope that home automation, energy independence will transform our life cause our home is the starter of ours morning mood.